Overhead Transparencies

of Dr. Ruch's spinal anatomy images are now available. These are the same images and text used in the 35mm slides.

Both the Cervical Spine set and the Autonomic Nervous System set are available as either individual frames or as complete sets.

Transparencies come in protective sleeves ready to insert in any standard binder.

Pricing (add $3.00 shipping/handling per order):

Individual Frames:

1-5: $6.00/each

6-10 $5.50/each

11+ $5.00/each

Autonomic Nervous System (12 frames) $59.00

Cervical Spine (20 frames) $99.00

Combo-Pack: Both Sets (32 frames) $149.00*

*Includes free 3-ring binder

 1) Subluxations of
     the Human Spine

 2) The Autonomic
     Nervous System

 3) Degenerative Changes
     of The Cervical Spine

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