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Postura grew out of Dr. Ruch's desire for a greater level of understanding of spinal anatomy, and how spinal pathology can affect many other organ systems. The spine is a complex structure and is difficult to examine. Even among medical professionals, the study of spinal anatomy is often minimal.

Dr. Ruch, with the assistance of several of his students, made an extensive series of meticulous dissections over the course of more than five years. These specimens, and their comparative xray or MRI images, have been carefully photographed and edited to show clearly how traumatic and degenerative changes to the spine can affect the nervous system and other organs.

These photographs are now available in 35mm slides and in overhead transparancies, directly from Postura.


Atlas of Common Subluxations Book CoverDr. Ruch is the author of the book
Atlas of Common Subluxations
of the Human Spine and Pelvis

published by CRC Press



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 1) Subluxations of
     the Human Spine

 2) The Autonomic
     Nervous System

 3) Degenerative Changes
     of The Cervical Spine

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